Bernhardt Design, USA, June 2016

Can a work surface be comforting?  Can a hard surface be secure, soft, welcoming, and cosy?  ‘Hug’ is a new approach to work and touchdown spaces.  The desk wraps around you with comforting arms - defining and creating a personal work space in a larger room.  The soft panels on the sides of the desk help with sound absorption, while providing a sense of privacy and personal space.

Hug is a desk for communal, progressive offices. Its simple and straightforward geometry takes a playful approach to desking and adds a sense of softness to the typically cold office environment.  On a functional level, Hug takes a honest and open approach to cord management.  The open power ports provide quickly accessible charging stations for laptops, tablets, and handhelds. The shallow tray at the rear of the desk contains errant cords without slowing down a quick plug or unplug.  The integrated power is managed inside the arms so the desk can be placed in the middle of an open room.  Hug is being manufactured and distributed by Bernhardt Design in the United States.

© Hines Fischer